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Buying Adventure Travel Insurance

It’s probably not a big surprise to you that adventure travel is quite risky. When you undertake travel of this sort, you do risk life and limb in the process. General-purpose insurance companies may not be the best place to go to for your adventure travel insurance needs. You might have to go to a specialist vendor.
Any of these specialist adventure travel insurance companies,  depending on the kind of adventure you like, will charge you different rates. Certain kinds of activity are considered especially risky and especially deserving of a high premium charge.
Of course, that’s what it is like theoretically. In practice, the way they calculate these rates can be completely unfathomable. For instance, they say that if you would like adventure travel insurance for mountain biking or skiing, your premium will be a reasonable one, because you only have a 50% chance of injury. 
However, these very vendors also cover sports. Believe it or not, they have insurance for golf players and net ballplayers. Want to know how high your level of risk is those sports? It’s considered to be 70% to 99%.
Perhaps there is something to how they define “injury” that could explain these baffling calculations. According to their fine print, they define “injury” as  every little cut and scrape and muscle pull.
Even so, one does one find it hard to understand how golf could be considered more risky than mountain biking or skiing.
Basically, the lesson here is that if you want to buy adventure travel insurance, you want to read the fine print. Adventure travel insurance vendors have only recently become this freakishly careful. In fact, they are being more careful than they know how to be. They don’t really know how to calculate risk for different kinds of adventure travel or sport. And they use different silly formulas. 
So basically, your best bet would be to shop around. Not every vendor of adventure travel insurance has the same kind of formula. Some people will charge you quite a lot for skiing, while others will charge you very little.
Basically, your adventure travel insurance policy will probably cost you about $100 for a trip. Depending on the sport or activity you take up, it it can sometimes be more – especially if you are expecting to use expensive equipment. Like most things, it pays to plan ahead and its always worth ensuring that you read the fine print for what’s covered and what is not.

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