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How to Recover Deleted Files from Mobile’s Memory Card

Deletion of a file or folder may happen any time and with any one. No one can be blamed for it because you may have deleted the file or folder accidentally or even knowingly, only discovering later that the deleted file was important. However, not everything is lost as there are programs that can help you recover deleted files from the memory card of your mobile.(learn more here:
Recovering files from Android Memory Cards
Android phones are the latest buzz in the market. These are the mobile phones that work on the Google’s Android operating system and therefore simply called Android phones. These phones provide a host of unique features to their users and that is the reason they are getting popular by the day.
If you have accidentally lost or deleted important files or folders from your android phone, you can recover them by following the steps given below:
There are several data recovery programs available on the Internet. Based on the version of your operating system and its compatibility with the program, you may download any of the data recovery software. While some of the software is available for a price, most of them are available for free.
•Download any of the free data recovery software on your computer
•Dismount your SD from the phone and connect it to the computer using a card reader
•Run the free data recovery software 
•Let it scan the files on the memory card
•Once the scan is complete, you will have the list of files on the memory card and the names of the files that you thought were deleted. 
•You can select the files that you want to recover.
•Move the recovered files to a separate location from where you may transfer them again to the memory card.
•You now have your deleted files back
Actually the data recovery software works on the concept that no file is actually deleted. It is actually only the pointer to the file that is deleted. So, when you run the data recovery program, you are able to view the deleted files. Files are permanently deleted only when newer files are saved on them. Therefore, when you realize that you have accidentally deleted a file from the memory card of your phone, stop using the memory card at all or at least do not save anything new until the time you recover the deleted file or else the newer file may be saved on the same space as the deleted file, making it inaccessible completely.


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