SEO vs PPC. Which is Best

There are two ways you could go about making your website popular. You could either go the organic way – hiring an experienced SEO consultant and doing search engine optimization, networking and getting backlinks and so on – or you could simply advertise – with pay per click. SEO vs PPC is often an area of intense debate among small business owners. What is the best way to popularize your website?
It seems awfully easy to do it with pay per click. You just buy a few dollars’ worth of advertising with Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing or anyone else, you target the right keywords that you believe will bring in the most relevant kinds of website visitors, and they come. What could be simpler?
There is a feeling that you get though that doing it this way is a kind of cheating. And it is. When you start a small business, you really want to see what you’re doing wrong and how you might fix it. You want to structurally build a sound business. Simple advertising can make anything popular for a short time. You won’t know if you are successful because you’ve done the right things or if it’s just there for a short time because you’ve thrown a lot of money at the problem. Everyone wants people to build a business that’s able to survive on its own.
If you’re considering the SEO vs PPC question yourself, here’s what you need to think carefully about before you make up your mind.
With most people, the SEO vs PPC choice that they make finally comes down to the kind of advertising budget they have to work with. If you don’t have perhaps $20 a day to connect to your pay per click campaign, you’re better off for the most part, concentrating on free search engine optimization techniques.
Often, if you have the budget for it, it’s a very good idea to start with pay per click. The reason for this is that when you’re in business for the first time they want to really check out how your idea really works out in the real world. You want to stay in business steaming business costs a lot of money. You don’t want to part with that money when he there something fundamentally wrong with the business idea that you’re working with.
The more quickly you get to people to come to website and check your merchandise out, the more quickly you’re going to check out get to find out how attractive it is for actual buying customers. 
One problem with the search engine optimization technique is that it’s possible that you could learn a certain kind of technique and get your website to rank well, and Google can come along and change the rules overnight. It’s happened over and over again.
A lot of also depends on how expensive clicks are for the particular kind of keywords you’re going for. If your market niche happens to be an expensive want to advertise it because there are lots of competitors, it can be difficult going with the PPC option.

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